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Vacant Room Staging

The Staged Collective offers elegant vacant room staging for homes on the market (or about to be) to help potential buyers visualize living in a home as opposed to just a house. Countless publications indicate that home staging, when used effectively, can and does make the difference in selling your home quickly and at the best price.


TSC will tailor a staging project to suit your needs and increase your potential for return on sale. Our design style is curated and unique in our use of original art alongside transitional, on trend design to best reflect the culture and life of a home while remaining at ease for even the most timid buyer. Start today.


Design Consultations

Often staging a full-scale vacant room is not an option for marketing a house because of the momentary logistics involved in moving from one space to another. We get it. You're busy. 


Let us help. For this situation, The Staged Collective offers design consulting to edit a space getting ready for market. Our team will work with you to best showcase the pieces you have and suggest additional items needed to reflect what is most appealing to a potential buyer and highlight the best features of your home.



Interior Design

We really love interior design and want you to really love your home. Whether you are looking to refresh where you are or are beginning a fresh start  somewhere new, contact us to help you achieve the cultured design you've always wanted.


Our design philosophy begins with 'first impressions are lasting impressions.' From the moment you open a door, we want you to experience the luxury of a perfectly balanced abode. 


With over a decade in high-end design across the world, we look forward to working with you to create a timeless, livable home. Learn more.

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Interior Design
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